5 into ONE
 4 to ONE type B
 3 into ONE B
   DP or μDP MMF DP/ μDP
Product brief
 MMF serial high performance multivariable flow transmitter is based on mono-crystalline silicon pressure-sensitive sensor, with two types: single/double variable. Single type only measure DP, double type measures DP and P on the same time. Temperature sensor PT100 will be connected from terminal. Mass Flow will be calculated in MMF based these. It is including of density, sectional area and coefficient of expansion compensation. It supports high static pressure application(max 42MPa); supports HART or RS485. 4~20mA can be defined as flow, DP, P or thermal energy. One transformer box can transfer HART or 485 into 4 channels 4~20mA. Mobile HART can support remote measure multivariable and remote operation MMT (about 40M).
Types and serial Products

1. Measure Different Pressure and μDP

  Normal DP / μDP transmitters (Using single veriable unit)

  Stable measure min. (2~3)Pa DP, with sqrear /linear selection, Display its percent and real value, high sensitivity,  near zero hysteresis, high accuracy, high stability.       

2.  3 Parts into ONE

  Type A:DP measure+ Flow calculation with partly compensation (given Pressure+given Temperature)+any DP devices(e.g. bar,orifice,...) [univariable units, economy]

Uesd for water,  or any kind of liquid, or saturated steam with fixed T, or  gas with P&T basically fixed  

  Type BDP measure+ Pressure measure +Flow calculation with most variables compensation (fixed temperature) [bivariable units]

  Mulitvariable Flow Transmitter, without PT100.  It will be 4 into ONE B if add PT100;  It can be userd mass flow measurement for any medium(gas, liqued, steam).

3. 4 Parts into ONE

  Type A:DP measure (fixed P) + PT100 + Flow calculation with partly compensationany DP devices(e.g. bar, orifice,...) [single variable units, economy]

  Uesd for water,  or any one liquid, or saturated steam, or P&T basically fixed gas  

 Type B:DP measure+ Pressure measure +PT100+ Flow calculation with most variables compensation  [bivariable units, Standard Configuration]

    Mulitvariable Flow Transmitter, with PT100:  It can be userd mass flow measurement for any medium(gas, liqued, steam). It can be seamless coonected with any DP devices, special application for any gas or steams.  

4. 5 Parts into ON(Double Variable unit-Total compensation-Main Produce)

  DP measure + Pressure measure + PT100 + Flow calculation with all compensation+ any DP devices(e.g. bar, orifice,...)

  Used for any kinds of gas, saturated steam, superheated steam, liqued, or water with pressure or temperature large changes. It can offered all flow solution.

Note 1:All types can realtime display ambient temperature, density(except gas), accumulated mass flow,..... 

Note 2:  All types have emulation function on line or off line, and 10 points non-linear flow modification (need special order)